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Education technology is developing to include multiple media combinations, in order to deal with complexity of codes, content,interactions, and cognitive processes. Some solutions favour individual adaptive learning as a personal cognitive structure, while others provide learning environments for collaborative cognitive development. How can they be merged?

Blog post:

Guest Blog on Digital Learning posted on Thursday, 13 November, 2014

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Digital Learning – Individual Adaptive Construction or Connected Social Interaction? , posted 5 December, 2014.

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Should Digital Learning offer a personalized individual path or a shared collaboration opportunity?


In a changing global economy where managing digital reality is essential, what’s more useful?

    • Individual training to achieve competitive levels of strategic learning and outstanding knowledge?
    • Social education to develop collaborative skills for innovative networking, creative thinking and team production?

    In a world where attaining one's best is the path to social success, personal reflective learning is essential for individual performance. On the other hand, when new lines of thought are needed to find creative solutions to emergent and unexpected challenges, collective knowledge building is indispensable

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Tech Challenges: Surfing and Diving Deep

Webinar 4: Digital Learning – Individual Adaptive Construction or Connected Social Interaction?

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