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Webinar 3: Human Bionics – More Freedom or Electronic Slavery?

Engineered extensions of the body, such as intelligent prostheses, implants for enhanced perception and automated medical treatments are going to be the norm. They may be seen as part of a desirable future of greater autonomy and freedom, or as instruments of greater dependency and surveillance of citizens.

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Human Bionics: Human Freedom or Electronic Slavery? (Friday, 31st October, 2014)

Human Robotics


If you think about it for a moment, we are already quite a biotechnological species. Somehow it is a linear evolution from tool use: No teeth? Use a stone.

We tend to think of bionics in terms of spectacular innovative devices, but the bionic revolution will probably begin with small, incremental changes related to health care that make life easier for people suffering from certain chronic conditions: devices become smaller, more portable, implantable, and thus less encumbering.

Are bionic implants a necessity? Who will have the privilege of such treatment? What will they have access to? For what purposes, and who will pay for it? Will any bionic alterations be obligatory? Will decisions be made by patients, parents, doctors or political authorities?
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Real life Cyborgs, or enhanced humans?