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Tech Challenges: Surfing and Diving Deep

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Webinar 1: Internet of Things – Luxury for the Rich or Sustainable Equity for All?

The multiplication of communicative objects that take decisions without human intervention is not a simple technological phenomenon, but a complex reorganization of social interaction. Will this development enable greater equity throughout the world, or will it widen the digital gap?

Answer our survey on the Internet of Things, and watch our Adobe Webinar Recording to find out about others’ opinions!

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Internet of Things... (Thursday, 10 July, 2014 10:00 AM US/Pacific)

Internet of Things

How will you feel when the milk you bought in the supermarket tells your fridge it is going bad and it’s time to order more?

Can you imagine a road sign, on a highway, telling a tourist’s telephone what it says, in the tourist’s own language?

How will you react if your window calls the police and your insurance company because it’s been broken, without letting you know in advance?
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Imagine a world where objects take decisions... desirable or scary?